The Hedged Yield Strategy offers Protection

  • The use of PUT options in our strategy, in direct correlation to the underlying STOCKS purchased, limits potential downside loss to the portfolio if the underlying stock price goes down
  • The use of STOCKS & PUTS creates a portfolio that is safer than a long/only or long/short stock-exclusive portfolio
  • The use of STOCKS & PUTS creates a portfolio that is far safer than a naked options strategy
  • The use of STOCKS & PUTS is by far the safest way to protect invested capital, in an equities-based strategy, with defined risk
  • The use of STOCKS, PUTS & CALLS enables the portfolio manager to manage the portfolio within a structure that we equate to a SYNTHETIC EQUITY BOND with zero duration
  • Targeted returns are within the high single digits annually on the Hedged Yield Strategy (utilizing stocks, puts & calls), with downside risk on equities portfolio totally defined by PUTS

Sample Drawdowns

The following table demonstrates how the strategy has performed against the S&P500 on a $10,000,000 portfolio on recent days of significant market declines:


TLC Capital Group LLC is pleased to offer the Hedged Yield Strategy - a proprietary investment strategy developed by our Chief Investment Officer.

The Hedged Yield Strategy offers the following characteristics:

  • Non-Correlated to Any Asset Class
  • Long/Short with Upward Bias
  • Market Neutral
  • Low Volatility
  • Significant and Defined Risk Mitigation

TLC was founded by industry veteran William J. Taylor, who brings over 30 years of experience trading in the financial markets. TLC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.


TLC Capital Group LLC
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Blue Chip Portfolio

The Hedged Yield Strategy offers investors Blue Chip Portfolios

  • High Liquidity - Large Cap and Mid Cap Equities - Our stocks trade several million shares daily, and can be easily bought & sold in large volume U.S. Exchange Traded On NYSE, CBOE, NASDAQ, etc.
  • High Dividend Yielding -Our stocks produce above average dividends & have historically increased their dividends
  • Highly Liquid Corresponding Options - Our stocks have corresponding options (Puts & Calls) that are also highly liquid and listed on major US options exchanges such as the CBOE
  • Transparency - All stock, dividend & options pricing is widely available on the web

The Hedged Yield Strategy utilizes protective options to achieve superior results with limited downside risk for investors.

Risk Disclosure

Hedge funds and separately managed accounts offer potential for attractive returns and diversification of one’s portfolio, but they also pose greater risks than traditional investments, and are only intended for accredited and qualified investors. Past performance is no indication of future results. The information offered on this website is not intended to be complete or final and is for information purposes only. It should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation offered by the Advisor, TLC Capital Group officers, directors, agents, employees or affiliates.