Ms. Taylor is the Chief Marketing Officer of TLC Capital Group and oversees sales, marketing, and vendor relationships. She has 20+ years experience in senior level management, C-Suite sales, B2B & consumer marketing, and media relations within the publishing & financial markets. Ms. Taylor is also founder of a media consulting firm, with numerous prestigious domestic & international publishers, and luxury goods marketers as clients. She has an extensive media management & VC background and has held executive positions at the Chicago Sun-Times, the Rocky Mountain News and Hemispheres magazine. Ms. Taylor also currently consults with Carpenter Group and   Ms. Taylor is a graduate of Northwestern University and currently resides with her husband in Atlanta.

Mr. Taylor is the founder of TLC and the architect of the Hedged Yield Strategy. As CIO, he is responsible for oversight of all firm trading and order execution. He has over thirty five years experience in the financial markets, beginning as an original member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and subsequently as a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was also co-founder, principal and CEO of Cornerstone Ventures, a publicly traded securities/futures and money management firm with offices in Chicago & LaJolla. While there, Mr. Taylor oversaw all the firm’s proprietary trading and managed two multi-million dollar hedge funds that produced significant above-average market rates of return. Mr. Taylor also served as Director of Futures for a major Chicago-based NYSE clearing firm, managing their risk control. In addition, he co-authored The Professional Traders Opinion, a widely read and respected market advisory newsletter, which he recently re-launched online. Mr. Taylor is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, TX and resides in Atlanta with his wife and family.


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